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Verkehrs- und Architekturgeschichte


This page is devoted to the model car enthusiast. Pictures shown are places somewhere West of Laramy.

During the day, police car (1) at intersection near Gulp Ranch/Wisconsin. Pictures (3-5) below: Dreadville town center. Time: 2 to 4 p.m. Picture 2.) Model gasoline station with DeLorean and Chevrolet Corvette. Both drivers being inside the building tasting original American pies.

The truth is: Modelcar-collecting is a serious affair and not a game! It can be divided into two sections. 1.) Old (obsolete) models and 2.) new ones, mainly on a high quality level. Therefore model car collecting may become a difficult deceision. It depends on what you are looking for and the size you prefer, 1:18, 1:43, 1:87 or even 1:160.

A brief history on modelcar-collecting: In the early 1970ies more and more collectors started to make this hobby wider known. Swap meets were organized and other people realized: Apparently I am not alone being a toy car collector!

Minimized cars were intended as toys but in fact they w e r e model cars, because precise and detailed ones like those from Dinky or Corgi Toys remain unmatched with their charm until today. Model car makers encouraged prospective buyers to collect them, however, not adults but children (boys rather) were the target. Unfortunately potential of certain models had not been realized when they were still available. As it turns out today, modelcar-collecting seems to be worthwhile, as some of the older ones seem to be unequaled even compared to new releases. Contrary to collecting stamps, of which most of them are coming by easy, good models are hard to find.

In the 70ies it was still difficult to admit to other people you were a modelcar-collector! You had to be careful of what you were saying! You were running the risk for being a nut in other people's opinion! But as time went by the industry had to realize the potential of this market. It was in the 80ies when the modelcar-world changed into the hands of the grown-up people...

   Wooden petrol-station made in the Erzgebirge