Verkehrs- und Architekturgeschichte


It was in December 2005 when the writer of this column investigated a forgotten castle somewhere in the South of Germany. In fact there were two castles only half a mile from each other, the first one lying on a ridge and the other one even higher on the top of a mountain. Funny enough, only the first one (the one on the ridge, or rather what was left, a few stones lying around) was known from the map. After parking the car outside a small village a friendly women recommended to visit the other place as well and to enjoy the very inspiring mood!

Without fear (virtually) I climbed from the first to the second remains of what seemed to have been a castle. At first the weather was really dreary but as soon as I arrived on the top, the sun lurked from behind the clouds and I was able to make some nice shots in sunny weather. The place being really forlorn I made a number of photos, unusual for such a place with only minor ditches. I found a small path leading downwards when I decided to leave. Glad about the nice photos I had just made I suddenly felt a strong glance in my back. I turned round and mumbled: I am already leaving! I stumbled over fallen trees and finally found the main path up till my car.

Do you know this feeling? Most of the people realize when someone is looking after them. I have never felt this so strong before in my life! It is true, I had no fear, but: even months later, when I told the story, I felt creepy from neck to toe!

Two of the photos show a dazzling light between the trees, is this the ghost? My photographer told me he had never seen such a thing…..

One of the photos you can see here.